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L. Epps

Lamar Epps

Board Member

Lamar Epps also known as “Buddy” or “Community Bud” is a fantastic barber with deep roots in the community he serves.

Mr. Epps attended Wissahickon High School where he was known for his athletic abilities. He played football and ran track for the high school, and his football career continued at Cheyney University. During his time as a student athlete, Bud joined Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. Through this brotherhood, Mr. Epps focused on building up the community through positive impact.


His hard work and dedication to his craft allowed him to open and operate Joyner Barber Shop. Lamar’s great sports background made it easy for him to connect with the youth in the barbershop. These connections helped create new avenues in Norristown. From those relationships, Lamar was able to help continue the Oak Street Men’s Basketball League back in 1996 and Norristown Men’s Flag Football in the early 2000s.


In 2003, Bud joined the Master Mason, and then became a Shriner in 2021. These connections in the community show how committed and dedicated Bud is to the positive role model and mentorship he provides to the youth.  He stands on integrity.


Lamar continues to collaborate and build strength in our community. He has been a dedicated volunteer of the George Washington Carver Community Center for 20 years and has sat on the board for roughly 13 years.

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