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N. Diallo

Nicole Diallo

Administrative Assistant

Ms. Diallo grew up in the Philadelphia area as the daughter of entrepreneurs.  Nicole always understands the value of dedication, consistency, punctuality, organization, hard work and time management.


As a Salon owner and Stylist, Nicole has a very amazing customer service and business background. tAlong with being a business owner, Ms. Diallo spent over 20 years in the  insurance industry (medical and life). Her professional, entrepreneurship, as well as business backgrounds are an asset to the George Washington Carver Community Center. Nicole's approach, personality, talent, business and entrepreneurship backgrounds displays a passion to make Nicole a force to be reckoned with.


Nicole has enjoyed being a resident of Philadelphia her entire life.  Nicole loves giving back to her community and supporting many events and programs to keep the youth engaged. She will be assisting with the multiple programming and activities at the GWCCC to support our community as well, and she has a few ideas she wants to bring to the Norristown area.


When not busy helping her clients, she enjoys cooking, playing Billiard pool, crocheting, knitting and spending time with her family and friends.

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