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Trina Allison

Vice President

Trina Allison is a proud mother of two children and one grandson.  Mrs. Allison is a great asset to the George Washington Carver Community Center. She is consistent, dependable, goal-oriented, and focused on making sure everything is run effectively and appropriately.  Trina enjoys watching her young adult children reach their goals, through their education and careers paths.  Trina has a MBA from the University of Phoenix with a minor in Human Resource Management and continues to serve on other boards in our community. In additional to her roll at the Center, she is the President for the board at her church, Mt. Zion AME.  Her position on other boards and within other organizations causes for great networking and joint fundraising efforts within the community. Mrs. Allison loves to watch our community grow and seeing the number of resources available to the families in the community grow as well.  Trina has dedicated her time to programming and creating other activities that would benefit our community with more knowledge and education in specific categories.

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